INsight RMS, the core component of our solution allows you to use, manage and navigate all the INsight RMS modules:



Equipment Module

The Equipment Module allows you and your team to add, edit and visualize all your equipment in a single repository, being able to see its status and additional information with a minimum number of clicks. The module flashes out important information and allows you to create customized filters to access the information that matters most.


The Equipment Module allows you to identify which workers are qualified to use a piece of equipment and shows which employees need to be notified in case the equipment goes down. It also shows who needs be notified before planning downtime, identifies what activities are pending and gives an historical performance archive.


With INsight, you will have a central repository with comprehensive information that will allow you to put your effort where it is needed and make sure activities are planned without impacting the business.

Workers Module

The Workers Module allows you to view your complete operations from the worker’s perspective. Whether dealing with your internal team or external workers, the module will allow you to track their activities, analyze their performance and schedule and even view their real-time location.


Tasks can easily be reassigned between workers and new tasks can also be created and managed from this module.

Tasks Module

The Tasks Module allows you to see the current status of all tasks, create new tasks, modify current tasks and assign tasks to workers.


Tasks make up a worker’s schedule, whether it is a maintenance activity, spending time at the shop or a meeting. Everything is tracked so that managers know exactly what their team is doing and can better optimize the jobs.

Incidents Module

The Incidents Module allows your employees to interact with you. Any employee can report incidents that can automatically be converted into tasks for your team, therefore eliminating the notification time for a service interruption. Multiple incidents on a single event for a single asset are also associated to a single task so that, once the task is completed, all employees who reported the incident can be notified about the solution.


Employees will know at all times what is going on about an incident and service requests will be immediately routed to the correct worker.

Reporting Module

The Reporting Module provides business intelligence to the operations manager and the organization. With these reports, managers will be able to identify equipment downtime, plan costs, compare expected verses real cost for each individual equipment and compare worker efficiency.

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