INsight Mobile


INsight Mobile, the perfect companion to INsight RMS.


INSIGHT Mobile Application

INsight Mobile is the perfect companion for INsight RMS. It facilitates communication and information sharing for your team.


An iPhone-based app allows your workers to receive real-time information about tasks and incidents that require attention. It also communicates equipment downtime with the employees who depend on the availability of the apparatus. Finally, it has the capability to report the performance history of each piece of equipment.


This tool will increase productivity as notification time is greatly reduced and equipment downtime is minimized.


INsight Mobile allows workers to start tasks, pause or complete tasks, report barriers to efficiency, contact peers and plan future activities. All these activities are stored in the centralized database of INsight RMS where managers will be able to act on real-time information and extract comprehensive reports to analyze trends.


Managers will be able to track location of employees, both current location and exact location at any time in the past.


INsight Mobile will take your workforce’s efficiency to the next level and will allow you to gain complete real-time visibility of your business.

Right to your bottom line

INsight facilitates your everyday tasks, provides visibility and increases performance which results in vast cost savings from the moment you start…

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