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About INsight

Bridging the gap between Facilities Management and Technology

INsight RMS, LLC was incorporated in April of 2015.  However, development of the software began in 2011. (RMS is short for Resources Management Systems).  Over the past four years, INsight has been through three major IT code structure changes.  These changes were driven by feedback received from top leadership from Resurrection Medical Center (Chicago, IL), Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, TN), Loyola University Medical Center (Chicago, IL) and Advocate Lutheran General Hospital (Park Ridge, IL).  Always being driven by the needs and desires by these key potential future clients, our overall goal has been to improve maintenance and engineering work quality.


At first we focused on improving the quality and efficiency of maintenance work being performed for Hill Rom patient beds.  The primary initial goal was to develop an automated process (then called Quality Cubed), whereby maintenance mechanics would follow a prescribed list of OEM requirements programmed inside of a Motorola hand held computer.  The same computer would read individual RFID tags on each of the 400 beds.   Our conclusion of this first implementation was that, while the computerized process fully addressed standardization and adherence to Hill Rom’s maintenance process, the cost of hardware and associated monitoring was too expensive for our operating budget.


After moving away from RFID technology, we researched various equipment tagging methods.  We settled on using Quick Response (QR) tags as each tag had the capability of storing details such as manufacturer, model, serial number, etc.  We also realized that the QR codes were easily generated with free software and they were read by Smart phone cameras.  Currently, we use this tagging process to identify all facilities, all workers and all equipment.  The tags can easily be printed, laminated, and easily disinfected.


Today, using .NET technology, the web based INsight program is designed to operate on any PC with an internet connection.  You have the option of hosting INsight on one of your internal servers or run our solution over the cloud.  Workers utilize an Apple IPhone 6 to access INsight for each day’s work.  Each individual job is documented in 24/7 real time.  Both the base INsight program and the IPhone app are designed with ease-of-use and flexibility in mind to minimize user ramp-up and implementation times.  Our Continuous Improvement plan is to bring to all our customers enhancements that originate at an individual installation.