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Joining hands, thoughts and minds across continents

YEARS In Facilities Management

Our Management Team knows facilities inside and out, our experience is the core of our software.

YEARS In Management

We love improving operations efficiency, we have done it since we can remember. 


While we are a small business by design, there are two key managers overseeing INsight RMS:

James R. Burton

Jim is our President, and Sales Director.


He has spent his entire career in various Facilities Management roles.  Beginning with ServiceMaster (now Aramark) in 1972, he worked in hospitals in Milwaukee, Ann Arbor, MI (U of M), Chicago (RUSH University Medical Center), and then in a Regional leadership role overseeing ten facilities.


After receiving excellent and challenging operational experience from ServiceMaster, he moved on to Memorial Medical Center (Springfield, IL), Indiana University (Indianapolis, IN), and then back to WI at St. Joseph Medical Center (Marshfield, WI).  After nine years in Marshfield, Jim moved to Milwaukee to work for Sodexho for St. Joseph Hospital.   In the next five year timeframe, Jim sold SC Johnson Wax an idea whereby he would train their national Commercial Products sales force to assist their customers in becoming more astute in their approach to staff productivity.  His largest implementation (which included a newly developed software program called ESCORT), was at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI.  Henry Ford was a very large operation having more than four million square feet under roof.  During this timeframe, Jim also learned AutoCad and produced work color-coded work assignments for the hospitals.  Overall, over forty hospitals became active in ESCORT.


After a short two years, Jim got a call from a business friend in Chicago whereby he was asked to oversee Facilities Management and Clinical Engineering for Resurrection Medical Center.  There, his responsibility included overseeing mechanics and biomed staff in nine hospitals and numerous clinics.  There were over 30,000 pieces of mechanical and medical equipment in this inventory.  Jim’s customers fully appreciated his work and managed to receive national recognition for management staff development.  His departments were typically recognized as national benchmarks for quality by accreditation agencies.  After about four years, Jim began developing INsight.


Prior to beginning his Facilities Management career, Jim graduated from UW-Whitewater with a B.S Degree in Liberal Arts.  During his career, he also furthered his academic training in Graduate Schools at Northwestern University as well as Michigan State University.  His graduate work focused upon Administration and Policy Studies as well as Facilities Management.  Along with formal college academic training, Jim also has been certified as an Achieve Global Trainer and a CHESP certification from the American Hospital Association.

Pablo Fernandez

Pablo is our Chief Executive Officer and primary Operations Officer.


Jim and Pablo first met when Jim and his wife hosted him as a senior foreign exchange student from Madrid, Spain.  Since this time in 1989, Pablo has been very successful in his career.  But, even though separated by the Atlantic Ocean, Jim kept in touch with Pablo and his family during the past 26 years.


Even as a young man in high school, Pablo demonstrated his natural ability to pick up various high end IT programming languages.  He was reading and applying programming back then in high school.  Pablo even learned about installations and client interface while Jim was doing the ESCORT work for SC Johnson Wax.  Along with several computer programming languages Pablo speaks his native Spanish, English and Chinese Mandarin fluently today.


Since completing his college degrees, Pablo started his career by creating a startup, Integrated Solutions in Melborne, FL focused upon LAN implementation which he and his partner later sold.  Then, Pablo moved on to Identitech where he worked as an R&D engineer, managing the development of the company’s initial web based client-server apps.


After this initial period of about two years, Pablo participated in Ozu!, a Spanish web server at the beginning of the Internet age. After the startup, Pablo spent the following 15 years in executive roles in companies like Baan, Lucent, BMC or Frontrange Solutions, before he moved to China to become COO of Lanbridge Group and later COO of Lighthouse IP.


During these years, Pablo managed teams of up to 750 people, implemented efficiency optimization methodologies like Six Sigma or LEAN and focused on process improvement in teams spread across several countries.


Before starting his career, Pablo attended the Florida Institute of Technology.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering in 1995, his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering in 1995, and his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1996.